Thursday, January 15, 2015

Kali Linux in the Middle Attack

Today our tutorial will talk about Kali Linux Man in the Middle Attack. How to perform man in the middle attack using Kali Linux?we will learn the step by step process how to do this.

I believe most of you already know and learn about the concept what is man in the middle attack, but if you still don't know about this, here is some definition from wikipedia.
The man-in-the-middle attack (often abbreviated MITM, MitM, MIM, MiM, MITMA) in cryptography and computer security is a form of active eavesdropping in which the attacker makes independent connections with the victims and relays messages between them, making them believe that they are talking directly to each other over a private connection, when in fact the entire conversation is controlled by the attacker.
This is the simple scenario, and I try to draw it in a picture.

Victim IP address :
Attacker network interface : eth0; with IP address :
Router IP address :

1. Arpspoof
2. Driftnet
3. Urlsnarf

Step by step Kali Linux Man in the Middle Attack :

1. Open your terminal (CTRL + ALT + T kali shortcut) and configure our Kali Linux machine to allow packet forwarding, because act as man in the middle attacker, Kali Linux must act as router between "real router" and the victim. Read the tutorial here how to set up packet forwarding in linux.
2. You can change your terminal interface to make the view much more friendly and easy to monitor by splitting kali linux terminal window.
3. The next step is setting up arpspoof between victim and router.
arpspoof -i eth0 -t

4. And then setting up arpspoof from to capture all packet from router to victim.
arpspoof -i eth0

5. After step three and four, now all the packet sent or received by victim should be going through attacker machine.
6. Now we can try to use driftnet to monitor all victim image traffic. 
Driftnet is a program which listens to network traffic and picks out images from TCP streams it observes. Fun to run on a host which sees lots of web traffic.
7. To run driftnet, we just run this
driftnet -i eth0
When victim browse a website with image, driftnet will capture all image traffic as shown in the screenshot below.

To stop driftnet, just close the driftnet window or press CTRL + C in the terminal
8. For the next step we will try to capture the website information/data by using urlsnarf. To use urlsnarf, just run this code
urlsnarf -i eth0
and urlsnarf will start capturing all website address visited by victim machine.

9. When victim browse a website, attacker will know the address victim visited.

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